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All-Star Action
Come out this summer to cheer on RLL's all-star teams. ...
Fall Ball Registration is Open
Registration for Fall Ball 2015 is open and can be...
RLL Tournament Champions
Majors 50/70 Champions - Rockies Players: Elijah Benish,...
Little League Bat Policy
Intermediate (50/70) Division (primarily 12s and 11s, some 13s)...
RLL Parking
Please do not park on the residents' sides of the streets near...
All-Star Action

Come out this summer to cheer on RLL's all-star teams.  District 5 all-star teams played in late June and early July.  Machine Pitch tournaments took place in July, and Ashland 10, Atlee 9 and Huguenot MP 8 in August. Check back for updates and team news.

Ashland 10 Invitational
Players:  Scott Butterfield, KJ Dowling, Callan Hartman, Daniel Johnsrud, Charlie Knighton, Manning Leachman, Henry Mayer, Ben Mills, Harper Perry, Grayson Ramsey, JD Stemhagen,Blake Whitaker
Coaches: Tim Knighton, James Henderson, John Mills, Kurt Stemhagen
Schedule: (all games at Ashland LL)
Saturday August 1st at 12:00pm vs. Ashland on field # 2
Sunday August 2nd at 5:00pm vs. Tuckahoe American on field # 2
Tuesday August 4th at 6:00pm vs. Atlee on field # 3
Atlee 9 Invitational
Schedule: (all games at Atlee LL)
Friday, Aug 7: 8:00 PM vs. Tuckahoe National
Saturday, Aug 8: 4:00 PM vs. Atlee American
Sunday, Aug 9: 7:00 PM vs. Huguenot National
Huguenot 7/8 Invitational
Players:Blake Caldwell, Shea Dowling, Simon Conn, Rawlings Leachman, Sven Komoroski, Chanan Wijesooryia,Charlie Edmonds,Charles Lange, Hank Mullins,Thatcher Hartman, Will Ashcraft, Cole Hartley, Hezekiah Gray,Riley Robinson
Coaches: Robby Robinson, Thomas Rice Edmonds, Marty Conn
Schedule: (all games at Huguenot LL)
Sat., Aug 1, 12:30pm; Field 3, Huguenot American
Sun., Aug 2, 10:00am; Field 2, Chesterfield Gold
Mon., Aug 3, 8:00pm; Field 1, Bethlehem
Rockville Machine Pitch 8
Congratulations to the Rockville Machine Pitch 8 team in winning the tournament!
Players: Harrison Baxter, Xavier Booth, Blake Caldwell, Simon Conn, Joseph Conner, Stuart Cosby, Shea Dowling, Braeden Forester, Wally Jones, Henry Knighton, Will Quinby, Luke Warner
Coaches: Marty Conn, Joe Conner, Dyke Jones, Walter Jones
Schedule: (games are located at 17347 Pouncey Tract Rd; Rockville, VA 23146)
Thurs., July 9th, Richmond d, Chesterfield Gold
Sun., July 12th, Richmond d. Ashland
Sun., July 12th, Richmond d. Rockville


Varina Machine Pitch 7
Players: Charlie Edmonds, Cole Hartley, Sven Komoroski, Brody Kyzer, Rawlings Leachman, Hank Mullins, Thomas O’Neil, Drew Pendlebury, Riley Robinson, August Strotmeyer, Chanan Wijesooryia, Austen Wrinkle
Coaches: Thomas Leachman, Rice Edmonds, Stone Strotmeyer, Robby Robinson
Schedule: (games at Dorey Park)
Thurs., July 9th, Richmond d. Glen Allen
Fri., July 10th, Richmond d. Northside (C'ville)
Sat., July 11th, Richmond d. Varina
Sun., July 12th, Manassas d. Richmond 

Sun., July 12th,  RBA South d. Richmond

District 5 Baseball 9/10

Players: Cole Didato, KJ Dowling, Brendon Engel, John Garbett, Charlie Knighton, Henry Mayer, Cameron Paoloni, Grant Smith, Sam Sneddon, JD Stemhagen, Fran Turner, Blake Whitaker

Coaches: Tim Knighton, Kurt Stemhagen, Buddy Garbett
Tues, June 30th, Atlee d. Richmond
Wed., July 1st, Richmond d. Ashland
Fri., July 3st, Richmond d. Powhatan
Tues., July 7th, Chesterfield d. Richmond
Link to official schedule on D5 website:
District 5 Intermediate 50/70
Players: Chase Bayler, Mo Carpenter, Colin Cury, Wil Davis, Corey Guttenberger, Connor Handy, Gavin Hoyt, Nan Kerner, Cole Pollard, William Pommersheim, Graham Powell, Louis Raffenot 
Coaches: Jeff Carpenter, Booth Greene, Gabe Kachuba
Mon., June 29th, Ashland d. Richmond
Tues,, June 30th, Richmond d. Chesterfield
Wed., July 1st, Central Chesterfield d. Richmond
Link to official schedule on D5 website:
District 5 Juniors
Players: Griffin Alvis, Andrew Bullock, Will Burford, Harry DeLuca, Nicholas Hendrick, Duncan McGrath, Guthrie Moore, David Smith, Rollins Thompson, Teon Tiller, Ethan Whitehead, Gabriel Wilkes
Coaches: Will Moore, Jimmy McGrath, Hunt Whitehead
Thur., July 2nd, Atlee d. Richmond 
Tues, July 7th, Tuckahoe d. Richmond
Link to official schedule on D5 website:

posted 07/05/2015
Fall Ball Registration is Open

Registration for Fall Ball 2015 is open and can be completed by clicking the Register Now link to the right or the Register Online tab to the left.

For the fall season, players typically play in the division that they would be playing in for the Spring 2016 season.  RLL is currently planning to have teams in the following divisions:  Juniors (13/14s), Majors 50/70 (11/12s), Minors (9/10s), Machine Pitch (7/8s) and Tee Ball (4/5/6s).  For the fall, we will be combining Minors 10 and Minors 9 into Minors, and Machine Pitch 8 and Machine Pitch 7 will be combined into Machine Pitch.

Richmond Little League (RLL) is open to boys and girls, ages 5 to 16, who reside within the boundaries of RLL or attend classes at a school that is physically located within RLL’s boundaries.  Select the RLL Eligibility tab on the website for further information.

Contact Bill Hutchins ( ) if you have questions about registration or player eligibility.

posted 07/04/2015
RLL Tournament Champions

Majors 50/70 Champions - Rockies

Players: Elijah Benish, Gibson Bowles, Bo Brown, Warner Cabaniss, Brayden Coleman, Connor Coleman, David Johnson, Simon Nagi, Eli Redding, John Toscano, Max Wallace, Zachary Wenzel  
Manager: Scott Coleman  Coaches: Booth Greene, Gabe Kachuba, Maxwell Wallace


Minors 10 Champions - Nationals

Players: John Davis, Davis Elliott, Graham Elliott, James Kirby, Charlie Knighton, Manning Leachman, Quintin Levy, Cullen Malbone, Ian Mayhugh, Malcolm Pace, JD Stemhagen, Blake Whitaker

Manager: Tim Knighton  Coaches: Kurt Stemhagen, Ben Pace


Minors 9 Champions - Brewers

Players: Simon Conn, Braeden Forester, Avi Greene, Ryan Holdych, Ned Lumpkin, Patrick Mayer, Carter Nabors, Jack Nelson, Catherine Pollard, Juila Pollard, Cole Severns  

Manager: Brian Greene  Coaches: Marty Conn, Scott Mayer, Eddie Lumpkin


Machine Pitch 8 Champions - Giants

Players: Marsaan Cheatham, Hezekiah Gray, Harry Groome, Cole Hartley, William Hoge, Brody Kyzer, Thomas Macaulay, Anthony Pennock, Riley Robinson, August Schick, Tanner Sulanke   

Manager: Robby Robinson  Coaches: Miles Hoge, Frederick Schick

by RLL posted 05/28/2015
Little League Bat Policy
Intermediate (50/70) Division (primarily 12s and 11s, some 13s) and Juniors (primarily 14s and 13s)

RLL adheres to Little League's policy for its 50/70 baseball and Juniors divisions.  Basically, large barrel bats are legal, provided they comply with all Little League rules (only aluminum or wood bats, or composite barrel bats that are BBCOR certified).  Small barrel bats are also legal provided they meet all Little League standards and do not contain composite materials in the barrel (bat head).

As stated by Little League rule 1.10:   It shall not be more than 34 inches in length; nor more than 2 5/8 inches in diameter, and if wood, not less than fifteen-sixteenths (15/16) inches in diameter (7/8 inch for bats less than 30”) at its smallest part. All composite barrel bats shall meet the Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) (-3) performance standard, and such bats shall be so labeled with a silkscreen or other permanent certification mark. The certification mark shall be rectangular, a minimum of a half-inch on each side and located on the barrel of the bat in any contrasting color.

Here's a link to Little League's 50/70 Rules and Bat Q&A:

Another important note from Little League:
Q-11: Can a bat with a 2 1/4 inch barrel be used in Junior League Baseball and Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Division?
A: Yes, but not all 2 1/4 inch bats can be used. If a bat’s barrel has no composite materials in it, it may be used in the Junior League Baseball and the Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Divisions, provided it is labeled with a BPF (bat performance factor) of 1.15 or less, and meets the standards for length, handle diameter, etc. But if the bat has composite materials in the barrel, a 2 1/4-inch barrel MAY NOT be used; only a 2 5/8-inch BBCOR bat may be used.

Basically, any bat with a composite barrel (bat head) is illegal (unless BBCOR (-3)). A bat may contain composite material in the handle so long as it's not in the barrel bat head.  When using a 2 ¼ bats use this list to review a bat and make sure it doesn’t have a composite barrel bat head.

Minors / Machine Pitch / Tee Ball 

Little League provides a list of bats that are certified for RLL's Minors, Machine Pitch and Tee Ball divisions:

by RLL posted 01/21/2013
RLL Parking

Please do not park on the residents' sides of the streets near the fields.  You may park on the field sides of these streets, and are encouraged to use the designated parking area on the corner of Sheppard and Grant.  Please also inform your friends and extended family members of this policy. We appreciate your help in following these guidelines as we do our best to be good neighbors.


posted 08/15/2011
Field Status
Byrd North - Richmond OPEN (8/1) 
Byrd South - Richmond OPEN (8/1) 
Byrd Tee Ball - Richmond OPEN (8/1) 
Horace Edwards - Richmond OPEN (8/1) 
J. B. Cary Elem. - Richmond OPEN (8/1) 
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